In the previous post, we shared that Currituck County’s population will increase by 42.5% by the year 2035. But what does that growth look like? The infographics above provide a breakdown of Currituck’s population growth by age group. The County will experience growth in every age bracket, but you’ll notice that one group far outpaces the rest: the 65 and up cohort. This is consistent with growth trends at the national and state level for North Carolina. The 65+ group is growing dramatically—10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 each day (UNC Population Center)! In Currituck, this trend is amplified to an even greater extent; providing a compelling reason to take a close look at the needs of this particular population, and how to best meet them.

Use the interactive map to show us where you see opportunities for services and development that can meet the needs of an aging population. Go into further detail by completing the #shelbyonthemove survey.