The Planning Process

The Shelby Recreation Department, along with planning consultants, Destination by Design, will lead an eight-month planning process that will conclude in April 2020.


Direction Setting & Communications (September-November 2019).  City of Shelby leadership and the project steering committee will collaborate on project goals and overall plan direction.  Launch the project survey, website, and video to encourage public involvement.

Discovery & Analysis (September 2019-January 2020).  Develop an asset inventory of all existing recreation programs and facilities.  Analyze existing facilities through a combination of site visits and national comparison standards. Promote the online survey and facilitate a series of focus group meetings, interviews, and neighborhood meetings to determine recreation needs.

Draft Plan & Public Meeting (September 2019-February 2020).  Develop preliminary recommendations in accordance with direction provided by the project steering committee, public survey, and focus groups. Conduct a public meeting (February 2020) and present a summary of all findings and preliminary recommendations to gather citizen feedback.

Final Plan & Recommendations (February-March 2020).  Incorporate public comments into final recommendations. Finalize the plan document, outline grant funding sources, provide an estimate of probable costs, and outline implementation phases and priorities. 

Implementation (March-April 2020).  Use the final master plan to help secure funding! In April 2020, submit a recreation development grant to the State of North Carolina.

Steering Committee

The Shelby On the Move Steering Committee will help guide plan development and direction.  The Steering Committee will receive technical and administrative assistance from City staff and the planning consultant team.  The Committee is comprised of representatives from across the City.

Steering Committee Role

  • Share unique knowledge of Shelby and help cast a vision for the future of recreation in the city.
  • Provide insight to help shape guidelines for recreation development.
  • Develop new ideas and share concerns with other committee members and staff.
  • Connect with friends, neighbors, and business associates to inform and encourage others to provide input for Shelby On the Move.