Sense of place refers to the human experience in a given landscape. It is the blend of special qualities–physical, cultural, social–that effectuate a bond with a particular location. 

Currituck’s unique identity has been, and continues to be, shaped by the area’s extraordinary physical landscape, rich coastal history, and the vibrant personalities of its people. Together, these elements have influenced the development of the built environment which, in turn, impact our everyday lives as we interact with and navigate the network of roads, buildings, pathways, and other infrastructure we’ve created. Whether we are aware of it or not, we often develop emotional associations with a place, especially the places we frequent most. Currituck County has long evoked a distinct sense of place in many people, as evidenced by its popularity and history as a travel destination.  How would you describe the sense of place that you experience in Currituck County? Share your thoughts on the survey & interactive map.