If you’re travelling this Independence Day, take a moment to think about the various ways you travel to different destinations. By car. On foot. On a bike. By Boat. By plane. By bus. Transportation will be a key element of the Imagine Currituck 2040 Vision Plan.  Transportation is a broad category involving much more than the movement of motor vehicles from point A to point B. Transportation considerations include bicycle facilities, pedestrian traffic, ferries, waterways, and transit—to name a few. Use the interactive map to tell us what you think the most important transportation issues and opportunities are that face Currituck County in the next 25 years.  Place a comment marker on the map to point out specific locations that should be given special attention when it comes to transportation. To see the interactive map in use, check out the video in the previous post, or on the Curritick County social media channels: https://www.facebook.com/CurrituckGovernment/ and http://ow.ly/ggFA301GW9a