The infographic shown here displays a snapshot of the current housing stock in Currituck County. As you can see, the scale is tipped heavily toward single family homes. With the need to add at least 207 additional dwelling units per year (see post on Aug. 11), serious consideration must be given to how this need will be met. What form should this new housing take? A variety of housing types could meet this need, but consideration must also be given to potential impacts on the environment and county services when weighing the merits of one type over another.  Take into account that the 65+ age group is the fastest growing age bracket in Currituck, forecasting a significant need for senior housing. A balanced mix of housing types will position the county to accommodate the variety of housing needs of its diversifying population. Provide your input by using the interactive map to identify locations where you see opportunities or challenges related to housing in Currituck. #shelbyonthemove