Currituck County is the fastest growing county in North Carolina’s ten county Albemarle region. Within the next 20 years, the population of Currituck is expected to increase by 42.5 percent, adding 10,877 new residents. According to growth projections published by the North Carolina State Demographer, peak growth is occurring now and will continue to occur for the next 15 years. After 2030, population growth is predicted to continue, but at a slower rate. A growing citizenry brings challenges as well as opportunities. New residents bring fresh ideas and new ways of life that bolster diversity and vibrancy of a community. However, a growing population also places higher levels of demand on infrastructure and services. These considerations necessitate prudent planning that takes place ahead of peak demands on infrastructure and public services. Help Currituck County plan for the future by completing the survey HERE and providing your thoughts on what a more populous Currituck should look like. #shelbyonthemove