Did you know that 81% of the Currituck County workforce commutes outside of the county? Over half of those who leave the county for work are commuting to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Significant retail leakage, in which resident spending occurs outside of the county, is an undesirable effect of the high commute rate. The Imagine Currituck 2040 Vision Plan will recommend strategies for leveraging the County’s location south of a growing metropolitan area, major transportation corridors, and its abundant natural resources to cultivate investment in small business development with the goal creating complete communities that give residents the opportunity to spend locally. The vision plan will balance development by addressing strategies to protect Currituck County’s most sensitive environmental areas and rural landforms, recognizing the uniqueness and diversity of Currituck’s rich landscapes. Growth and develop should emerge in concert with the very distinctiveness found in each of Currituck County’s communities.