thipi. Jarvisburg
    w9n6b, marker, 36.184303283317, -75.871095210314cuahn. Moyock
    w9n6b, Mini Commercial Zone. Gas, Food, Office. , idea, 36.447328491428, -76.02285861969twaor. Grandy
    w9n6b, Side walks and bike paths for safety of pedestrians and bicyclist. , idea, 36.238956695337, -75.87381362915pa2tf. Moyock
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"This area should be purchased for a future Moyock High School. It could share the same athletic fields as the middle school.","type":"idea","lat":36.499782806898196,"lng":-76.15078926086426},{"text":"This area should NOT be developed as Moyock Solar. To tie this prime property up for 30+ years in the hottest property area in Currituck would be a foolish business decision.","type":"barrier","lat":36.50530227266627,"lng":-76.1677837371826},{"text":"This area between 168, Puddin Ridge Road and the future Bypass is perfect for mixed use commercial, housing, parks and recreation.","type":"idea","lat":36.503922443113,"lng":-76.18083000183105},{"text":"The Mega site should be expanded to include this property. If the current plans for the site are built as expected, this property will be the largest, developable property available to expand to.","type":"idea","lat":36.51413259942687,"lng":-76.21155738830566},{"text":"These areas should be restricted as no growth areas","type":"idea","lat":36.489984786140226,"lng":-76.21567726135254},{"text":"This area is the logical for a waterfront park area.","type":"idea","lat":36.53592815487316,"lng":-76.1528491973877},{"text":"The downtown, historic area of Moyock should be preserved and restored as a tourist interest area. Parts of the immediate farmland could be turned in to a farmland museum type of area.","type":"idea","lat":36.52779002661888,"lng":-76.1751651763916}]}v17bd. Corolla
    w9n6bxcwnn. Currituck
    w9n6bpmr12. Corolla
    w9n6b, This needs to be quality development, not high density, barrier, 36.284604503377, -75.795525312424fx1jp. Moyock
    w9n6bbjnz9. Jarvisburg
    w9n6b5uyqy. Moyock
    w9n6b, Moyock megasite will turn Moyock into Chesapeake!, barrier, 36.535197008353, -76.238036155701hf8ob. Shawboro
    w9n6bkgma4. Corolla
    w9n6b5r6we. Moyock
    w9n6bnoclb. Currituck
    w9n6b6d6dp. Corolla
    w9n6b4t0jl. Corolla
    w9n6bc78hq. Corolla
    w9n6b56ul7. Corolla
    w9n6bwxl4i. Corolla
    w9n6bz0xdi. Corolla
    w9n6bef2n5. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"improve quality of lake","type":"idea","lat":36.311721106227516,"lng":-75.80811023712158}]}486i5. Currituck
    w9n6bqd1pf. Moyock
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Controlled access link to US 17/Future I-87? Will be a critical link to business development in northern Currituck/Moyock. Distribution centers, etc., need direct link to future interstate 87.","type":"insight","lat":36.52890045001329,"lng":-76.23474884137975}]}8nt4t. Moyock
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Historic District designation for old Moyock.","type":"idea","lat":36.52854732376698,"lng":-76.17477035732008}]}fvr0s. Corolla
    w9n6b, Crown Point is in need of improved storm water run off. Many homes and streets flood. , marker, 36.316698520764, -75.810127258301hxzvz. Corolla
    w9n6be6rk. Corolla
    w9n6bna4ph. Corolla
    w9n6bngsyp. Grandy
    w9n6b, develop this stretch of 158 with commercial and entertainment, marker, 36.284740715224, -75.918016433716dnaec. Corolla
    w9n6bb39q6. Corolla
    w9n6bf1pcv. Corolla
    w9n6bpeyjp. Jarvisburg
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Full service tourist area from Grandy to the bridge. Already have Kitty Hawk Kites hand gliding all over Jarvisburg, might as well add the rest of lower Currituck.","type":"insight","lat":36.12125423577298,"lng":-75.84671258926392}]}qwwol. Coinjock
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[]}nomgi. Corolla
    w9n6b4w557. Corolla
    w9n6b, Build the Bridge!
    , marker, 36.323849620807, -75.940761566162xan9e. Corolla
    w9n6b, Make the Boat Ramp and Basin useable!
    , marker, 36.370300657347, -75.83201408386287fta. Corolla
    w9n6bcta55. Grandy
    w9n6b7yhsl. Knott’s Island
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Think of a bridge possbily get rid of ferry make easier for island people to get over","type":"idea","lat":36.447246791032065,"lng":-76.01346015930176}]}79r1r. Corolla
    w9n6b44abi. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[]}xeddp. Currituck
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[]}4xgzt. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, 4×4 property owners (and renters) permitted to drive on beach and horses to live wild and free, marker, 36.450608228082, -75.84497451782292e31a. Grandy
    w9n6bjq67p. Moyock
    w9n6bq3zcg. Shawboro
    w9n6b9uyce. Moyock
    w9n6bq4jz1. Off-Road Area
    w9n6bzwd4b. Off-Road Area
    w9n6bp09h2. Powell’s Point
    w9n6bbvonk. Coinjock
    w9n6b, Build up commercial atmosphere here. Small retail stores, restaurants, Gas Stations. This is a mid-point for those who missed Moyock but may not make it to Grandy., idea, 36.448709098795, -76.0230731964116pukh. Off-Road Area
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Permit system north of this point","type":"idea","lat":36.3967038419594,"lng":-75.82922458648682},{"text":"Beach driving is a mess. Some of the worst offenders are tour operations that are supposedly knowledgeable on beach driving. An air down ordinance and stricter (simpler) driving patterns. Oceanside/wetsand northbound, duneline southbound. This would prevent many drivers being forced into the ocean by southbound horse tours and others getting stuck because theyre afraid to move left or right (since they didnt air down). Many other beaches enforce beach driving, arent we as competent??","type":"idea","lat":36.400918065295535,"lng":-75.83034038543701}]}71ug8. Point Harbor
    w9n6bot4yw. Corolla
    w9n6b18bqq. Shawboro
    w9n6biqu6j. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, As sea level rise continues many areas will become too narrow for travel north/south and parking. Either limit day time visitors or build low impact road behind the dunes, barrier, 36.43053669122, -75.836247950792i8tj8. Grandy
    w9n6b, Great place for commercial development, idea, 36.241887039617, -75.880764197937ac3t5. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[]}az3we. Aydlett
    w9n6b, marker, 36.337888130119, -75.980715751648pqpgb. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b7xlyc. Corolla
    w9n6b, Need many more & larger signs for Keep off of the dunes. We constantly chase people off., idea, 36.305128586137, -75.80151557966w4i80. Currituck
    w9n6b8xu4z. Shawboro
    w9n6bsvm4h. Aydlett
    w9n6b, toll booth, barrier, 36.32281233057, -75.94033241272iu708. Moyock
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Town Center Area – Big Box stores, Restaurants, Shops, Movie Theater","type":"idea","lat":36.46883799804623,"lng":-76.11268043518066}]}4znlh. Knott’s Island
    w9n6bkwq5m. Corolla
    w9n6b9yr63. Knott’s Island
    w9n6bag4r8. Moyock
    w9n6b4tbbb. Moyock
    w9n6b, I would like to see a local/regional museum in this area. If not already owned by the county, the old farmhouse adjacent to the CC Public Library could provide a good location and utilize the old building., idea, 36.51546749503, -76.135473847389bkzyl. Knott’s Island
    w9n6bffqcz. Currituck
    w9n6b, Creating a new waterfront commercial area for boaters and for 158 traffic. Traveling south over the bridge provides a fantastic view of the canal and any retailers and waterfront restaurants could make this a destination all in itself. The canal is the only property in the county that has this type of appeal., idea, 36.337674257421, -75.954751968384itxmf. Currituck
    w9n6b61bi1. Currituck
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[]}cqk4z. Aydlett
    w9n6b, My sincere hope is that this project does not promote additional development on the Currituck Outer Banks. We are already near capacity, barrier, 36.322062447572, -75.93921661377gcxhb. Corolla
    w9n6biiqpg. Aydlett
    w9n6b, Small retail shops and restaurants along Narrow Shore Rd. and town center/park near bridge, idea, 36.337493802695, -75.908585362486nm85t. Powell’s Point
    w9n6b, Bad idea. Where is the water to come from? How will it affect the water pressure in Lower Currituck. Not well thought out.
    , barrier, 36.108782230348, -75.8351469039926jyis. Moyock
    w9n6bo2bnz. Currituck
    w9n6b, Will cause more development in an already over developed area. Traffic is grid locked on NC 12 now, insight, 36.34191172967, -75.886516571045cekjz. Knott’s Island
    w9n6b8pi5m. Moyock
    w9n6baq4y9. Barco
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[]}v9q2h. Currituck
    w9n6bnhc. Moyock
    w9n6b1nsyu. Maple
    w9n6b, perfect except I need a pave road. or not, marker, 36.421011708006, -75.998038101825k3uka. Gibb’s Woods
    w9n6b, We live in Gibbs Woods and it is a great community – very active. Weve noticed several properties are for sale. We have very poor Internet/ cable services and that impacts many things including student success and the draw for new people to move to this area. Encouraging better Internet resources, particularly, would be a welcome improvement with far reaching benefits. Also for this community we would support any farming support as well as any increase in protected land here since there is so much wildlife located here., barrier, 36.545933128727, -76.10043078661kd18x. Grandy
    w9n6b, bike/pedestrian path whole length of 158/168 and also off the beaten path for everyone to feel safe and enjoy the outdoors
    , marker, 36.240747070655, -75.87476849556u3kaa. Moyock
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"","type":"barrier","lat":36.43116993990407,"lng":-76.08029748073022},{"text":"Please dont build another subdivision here! ","type":"barrier","lat":36.51479936566136,"lng":-76.1417089329916}]}240nn. Barco
    w9n6b, marker, 36.535398512897, -76.214046478271icmzy. Corolla
    w9n6b, Public facilities (like a bathhouse; restrooms trash services) , idea, 36.396966142377, -75.834266280298urac. Jarvisburg
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Great place for a Marina / full service area!","type":"idea","lat":36.09988420717779,"lng":-75.84184706211089},{"text":"Great place for commercial / Full service area!","type":"idea","lat":36.10848318992135,"lng":-75.83738386631012},{"text":"Beautify the highway with grass median from the water park to the bridge with a nice sidewalks.","type":"idea","lat":36.10973135111909,"lng":-75.82347929477692}]}xqnh8. Moyock
    w9n6b, Please hold all commercial development to the 168 corridor, barrier, 36.532066100129, -76.196188555914h4ss. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Please leave this area without commercial development. , marker, 36.450215564515, -75.850639343262ugmd5. Currituck
    w9n6b, Bringing in business that would allow Currituck residents to shop locally instead of going to VA for services would be beneficial for the county. , marker, 36.535077398455, -76.207453608513coaau. Moyock
    w9n6b, Keep this area north and south along Poyners Road agricultural (as well as north and south along Tulls Creek road…whatever remains agricultural at this point). Stop the spread of small lots with cookie cutter houses. Require minimum 5-10 acre plots for residential housing if farmland absolutely must be sold. Minimize pop up residential developments and incentivize farming as much as possible., marker, 36.485747879537, -76.071310043335mv6qn. Moyock
    w9n6bqj0hv. Shawboro
    w9n6bj19xw. Knott’s Island
    w9n6bzz3il. Moyock
    w9n6bk0de5. Maple
    w9n6b, Interchange on I-87 provides interstate access to Currituck; and node for light manufacturing/distribution/warehousing development in the Mega site, insight, 36.532657144022, -76.224174499512t4gbc. Off-Road Area
    w9n6bqsoml. Corolla
    w9n6bct9ni. Moyock
    w9n6by1gct. Off-Road Area
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Sand road to Carova on West side of dune.","type":"marker","lat":36.39533704698194,"lng":-75.83007430192083}]}80uvw. Grandy
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Large Amusement Park, like Dollywood, or Disney.","type":"idea","lat":36.50853020157942,"lng":-76.20451927185059},{"text":"Build this bridge – alleviate the traffic in Dare. ","type":"insight","lat":36.33075265172654,"lng":-75.90981960296631},{"text":"Large Bulk item store – Sams Club, Costcos, etx.","type":"idea","lat":36.14348810207254,"lng":-75.83351612091064}]}aynh8. Point Harbor
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Develop the following private/public improvements:nn1. Public boat ramp and basin.nn2.Direct access to the Albemarle Sound and Inter Coastal Waterway.nn3.Marina with fueling station and ship store.nn4. Mixed use Residential/Commercial.nn5. Sound front water sports facility.nnIdeas submitted by:nGB Investment Group LLC.nHouse Engineering, P.C.","type":"idea","lat":36.10165453035156,"lng":-75.83978176116943}]}fxo9c. Corolla
    w9n6b, Regular flooding due to rain runoff in Ocean Sands and Crown Point is a detriment to vacationers and a safety hazard. Were very glad the process to correct this situation (like was done in Whalehead) is underway but should be accelerated if possible. This should be addressed in all future areas to prevent this from becoming an issue … developers should be responsible and the county should ensure adequate measures are taken and guaranteed by the developer to some reasonable degree., barrier, 36.322090029, -75.810166387382y64wp. Moyock
    mhmvb. Corolla
    w9n6b, community center, marker, 36.374977387488, -75.830367847957q51fh. Grandy
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[]}39t7t. Moyock
    w9n6bspu6q. Aydlett
    w9n6bp2lzk. Powell’s Point
    w9n6bik1x7. Moyock
    w9n6b, high-density housing being built on Shingle Landing Road, with sewer lines cutting through the historic village of Moyock, is a barrier to how I want to see Currituck: rural and with charm.

    , barrier, 36.527191357589, -76.1778245866365xsy. Corolla
    w9n6bwfres. Corolla
    w9n6bkzdz1. Corolla
    w9n6bhwsu8. Corolla
    w9n6b, Route 12 should have a biking lane , barrier, 36.336198796853, -75.818109512329zx4t3. Corolla
    w9n6b, High Priority, marker, 36.353248894204, -75.830184817314el0i4. Corolla
    w9n6b, We definitely/desperately need this bridge!, insight, 36.340891618677, -75.88565826416frt70. Corolla
    w9n6bnoamz. Corolla
    w9n6bo7jfs. Corolla
    w9n6bd0umv. Corolla
    w9n6buua94. Grandy
    w9n6bxlio. Corolla
    w9n6b3byqo. Poplar Branch
    w9n6b4pj37. Corolla
    w9n6b, Mid Currituck Bridge should be a high priority for safety reasons, idea, 36.332041567516, -75.904197692871cid47. Corolla
    w9n6biy6x2. Moyock
    w9n6blrj97. Corolla
    w9n6b, Think this is a great idea. Look forward to using it, marker, 36.346655710808, -75.841798782349995uo. Grandy
    w9n6bxcx97. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"How will this last large area of oceanfront open space be developed or preserved over the next 10-20 years? Are old approved development plans still in the best interests of the larger community? ","type":"idea","lat":36.284896385615696,"lng":-75.79596519470215}]}olx0e. Point Harbor
    w9n6b, Add more walking trails and Sound frontage by acquiring adjacent undeveloped parcel., marker, 36.092250954716, -75.796944200993w22pi. Point Harbor
    w9n6b, Add more walking trails and Sound frontage by acquiring adjacent undeveloped parcel., marker, 36.092250954716, -75.796944200993uhxhz. Corolla
    w9n6b907gm. Harbinger
    w9n6bzte6j. Moyock
    w9n6bshm7p. Moyock
    w9n6bbh9rc. Coinjock
    w9n6b, Not a barge offload point!!!!!, marker, 36.345273058939, -75.950581133366y4djn. Point Harbor
    w9n6b, Grocery store, marker, 36.101266869214, -75.812600255013kgxm3. Grandy
    w9n6btptdv. Point Harbor
    w9n6b24o8t. Currituck
    w9n6bxl6p3. Grandy
    w9n6beopbx. Corolla
    w9n6b4qlaj. Knott’s Island
    w9n6bk72cq. Currituck
    w9n6b, With new neighborhoods, the government center and ferry nearby, I believe this is an excellent area for further commercial business development!, marker, 36.449522060786, -76.019648088841biu99. Moyock
    w9n6b, Homes west of Walker Dr. (including Shangri-La, Bentwood Subdivision and Robert Walker Rd.) need County water service., marker, 36.478378738149, -76.047105789185mr2eq. Currituck
    w9n6b, marker, 36.435935931489, -76.001915931702wi7up. Knott’s Island
    w9n6b, Ferry or bridge to corolla from knotts island. Bridge instead of ferry from knotts island to mainland, idea, 36.504631877982, -75.905681918375qt44o. Powell’s Point
    w9n6b, Recent studies on solar farms have found they might have an adverse affect in the long run. This includes concerns about large areas of land cleared, eco-system ripple effect, water run off and drainage issues, reflected light beams, surrounding areas subject to electric and magnetic fields, increase strain on water resources, and a temperature shift for surrounding areas. I think a lot of research and thought should be explored before considering in Currituck. As well as keeping these projects transparent for residents to know the pros and cons their impact will have., barrier, 36.471541653113, -76.152935028076t94t1. Moyock
    w9n6b7kb8h. Point Harbor
    w9n6bh0f8f. Powell’s Point
    w9n6bibwyp. Currituck
    w9n6btkb04. Moyock
    w9n6bygy6h. Corolla
    w9n6b, Obviously the road construction plan for this will be crucial to avoid back ups, insight, 36.353775979127, -75.825230777264x9n1l. Corolla
    w9n6b6xc7p. Shawboro
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[]}dpgt3. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b9nrs7. Corolla
    w9n6bcf42. Grandy
    w9n6b, Develop a Grand park and campground with a Government/Private investment. , marker, 36.232583358471, -75.879329116578uz14t. Corolla
    w9n6b, Boat launch, idea, 36.364035062701, -75.829833447933xyl3n. Off-Road Area
    w9n6brid2. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, marker, 36.388762976408, -75.815963745117li565. Grandy
    w9n6b, sports complex with a boat ramp access to the river, idea, 36.222122914765, -75.911664962769s8v9t. Corolla
    w9n6bcr8yr. Moyock
    w9n6b, Where our family resides on 270+ acers farm. , idea, 36.537666017373, -76.187524795532q8p7b. Moyock
    w9n6bgnr12. Moyock
    w9n6b, Build a second high school now, before crowding becomes serious., marker, 36.463631162671, -76.119475366431z8uk3. Knott’s Island
    w9n6bzkrq9. Powell’s Point
    w9n6b5mqmi. Powell’s Point
    w9n6b, Designate Spot as a certified Equestrian area? Encourage equestrian businesses to set up in the area – also consider Spot and points north as part of the Limited Service Lower Currituck Farm Village area. The Gold Courses and Water Park signify higher use and encourage more growth south of there if possible., marker, 36.125965390818, -75.825936198235wwmfp. Corolla
    w9n6bo083n. Corolla
    w9n6b, FLOODING IS A HUGE ISSUE HERE, insight, 36.318604680468, -75.80961227417qxkuc. Corolla
    w9n6b4wljh. Corolla
    w9n6blbg0e. Corolla
    w9n6b6kxtc. Corolla
    w9n6b, Please try to keep commercial development, shopping areas OUT of areas like this. We have plenty of shops, etc in Corolla already., marker, 36.374641526491, -75.827550888062cqz3b. Corolla
    w9n6b5s3zz. Currituck
    w9n6bxij1t. Corolla
    w9n6bppkfj. Corolla
    w9n6bk83nx. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, There should be controlled beach access with permits required to drive on the 4X4 beach. The whole area from the ramp to the Virginia border should be designated as park with no new building allowed., barrier, 36.39690548752, -75.829736495507pv4w8. Shawboro
    w9n6buz8im. Corolla
    w9n6bg42yo. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b6mxq9. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, A sheriff substation is needed here or something that provides more of a substantial police presence than we currently have. , idea, 36.39589882314, -75.835581421852di80. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Please put permanent emergency pumps on the Ocean Sands laken","type":"idea","lat":36.308589257004414,"lng":-75.8030891418457}]}5zidv. Point Harbor
    w9n6b, I think it would be beneficial to have mile markers from the Wright Memorial all the way up the county so that visitors can visualize and locate parks, restaurants, etc., similar to Dare County.
    , marker, 36.070660572053, -75.791373252869domn8. Corolla
    w9n6bc2xi0. Moyock
    w9n6b671tw. Shawboro
    w9n6b, Senior Center, idea, 36.523512079597, -76.20074272155841rpv. Shawboro
    w9n6b, Drainage District for repairs, insight, 36.52761380596, -75.84789276123wpa4v. Shawboro
    w9n6b, Wind farms. Use less space than Solar Farms., idea, 36.411655820011, -76.12186431884847rng. Option 19
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Need vocational educational offerings to retain young people in the County.","type":"idea","lat":36.36387847036737,"lng":-75.96110343933105}]}s5jnn. Powell’s Point
    w9n6b, County Fairground, idea, 36.45246472314, -76.021485328674f3hdg. Option 19
    w9n6b, Expand and maximize full service in this area., idea, 36.091717769687, -75.826091766357msn5r. Harbinger
    w9n6b, Park Area with public access to beach with shallow water for swimming, kayaking, sailing., marker, 36.172496274377, -75.8696508407594xozo. Harbinger
    w9n6b, Maintain vision of Sportsmans Paradise, insight, 36.181991167896, -75.893898010254w5a9c. Harbinger
    w9n6b, Potential lack of available land for public access beach, barrier, 36.174268467594, -75.868921279907d3ore. Harbinger
    w9n6b, Waterfront camp/campground with water access, educational programming, idea, 36.172328471476, -75.8704662323mj3ay. Harbinger
    w9n6b, Lack of organization to sponsor and establish a waterfront camp., barrier, 36.174348578009, -75.872440338135s6sqa. Moyock
    w9n6b, Expand full service water and sewer, idea, 36.121002908453, -75.842399597168f3722. Moyock
    w9n6b, Hotel, idea, 36.113909079709, -75.835018157959vvqd8. Shawboro
    w9n6b, Public water access at Fisher Landing for recreational use. , idea, 36.19408139128, -75.886430740356iqxij. Shawboro
    w9n6b, Interconnected bike/ped pathway along waterfront from Fishers Landing to Shore DR. , idea, 36.192378914989, -75.880036354065leyco. Shawboro
    w9n6b, Incentivize/encourage local farmers to produce crops for local consumption. Develop program to support local food movement., insight, 36.195845520286, -75.868492126465y8k1j. Currituck
    w9n6b, Protect waterfowl habitat., insight, 36.24158426679, -75.9118366241463dksr. Currituck
    w9n6b, Public access to Currituck Sound., idea, 36.193111644542, -75.831670761108mkjlu. Shawboro
    w9n6b, Loss of Agricultural lands, insight, 36.501240846498, -76.212673187256wkabn. Shawboro
    w9n6b, Develop jobs & businesses related to airport commerce, idea, 36.405919209615, -76.0114431381235hkbd. Shawboro
    w9n6b, Developing too quickly to be adequately controlled., barrier, 36.532064461089, -76.188726425171h7ou2. Shawboro
    w9n6b, Need better stormwater drainage facilities and ditches maintained to alleviate flooding., insight, 36.419391748059, -76.11568450927711mbg. Shawboro
    w9n6b, Loss of wildlife habitat and farmland., barrier, 36.405024411312, -76.108131408691b72sh. Powell’s Point
    w9n6b, Complete Full Service Area from Grandy to Point Harbor., idea, 36.170209793618, -75.850853919983fif7l. Powell’s Point
    w9n6b, Lack of access to the sound., barrier, 36.172773419027, -75.839095115662lc5gp. Powell’s Point
    w9n6b, Lack of widespread broadband access is deterrent to businesses., barrier, 36.164458653177, -75.84536075592woq7r. Corolla
    w9n6b, Retail & Restaurants, idea, 36.375350994316, -75.824289321899ix93. Corolla
    w9n6b, Develop along canal with local small business shops and restaurants , idea, 36.346735644618, -75.94822883606j5hmt. Corolla
    w9n6b, Do not allow development in 4×4 beach, barrier, 36.395556619725, -75.829138755798zfgxu. Corolla
    w9n6b, Limit size of homes. Require larger side yards/less lot coverage., idea, 36.514762584022, -75.871067047119so6a1. Corolla
    w9n6b, This bridge is needed. , insight, 36.341997804371, -75.8787918090826xl7j. Moyock
    w9n6b, Need new high school, idea, 36.529167792612, -76.19593620300376ckt. Moyock
    w9n6b, Need high school and more retail to keep tax dollars in county., idea, 36.530372595728, -76.2042617797858zjud. Moyock
    w9n6b, New developments detract rather than compliment rural atmosphere., insight, 36.506404480071, -76.213102340698gtiz6. Moyock
    w9n6b, Drainage and flooding issues., barrier, 36.540753815588, -76.1979961395268yddf. Moyock
    w9n6b, Moyock needs high school, idea, 36.526408959871, -76.16950035095213fvf. Moyock
    w9n6b, Community Park in Moyock Area with ball courts and greenway. Similar to Bayville Park in Virginia Beach., idea, 36.545442902804, -76.178770065308csmlj. Moyock
    w9n6b, facilitate historic downtown district that preserves historic buildings and is pedestrian friendly., insight, 36.522989379453, -76.174693107605yzqic. Moyock
    w9n6b, Central Median on 168 that eliminates center turn lane and instead utilized dedicated turn lanes. , idea, 36.511785503719, -76.16349220275932xg4. Maple
    w9n6b, Build Mid County Bridge , insight, 36.329865631911, -75.917158126831iwnr4. Maple
    w9n6b, YMCA, idea, 36.516025814482, -76.198768615723hgx8a. Barco
    w9n6b, Need affordable multi-family and workforce housing; apartments, townhomes, condos for teachers, law enforcement, etc., insight, 36.505539945803, -76.149330139168vobg. Corolla
    w9n6b, No bridge needed. , insight, 36.340338519938, -75.875358581543gjrjh. Corolla
    w9n6b, Large residential homes disrupt neighborhood. , barrier, 36.293209165854, -75.800943374634tjhax. Corolla
    w9n6b, Continue protecting this area. , insight, 36.295422875289, -75.810041427612w7myy. Corolla
    w9n6b, Create a sense of arrival when entering the OBX. , insight, 36.352622436171, -75.8267784118659kypl. Corolla
    w9n6b, Avoid becoming Virginia Beach, insight, 36.364118218501, -75.8190536499022h0qv. Corolla
    w9n6b, Improve traffic flow by limiting left and right turns on NC 12., idea, 36.221885066994, -75.7709884643553g0sp. Corolla
    w9n6b, Capitalize on Waterpark by facilitating new restaurants and attractions in the same area., insight, 36.110777971001, -75.834417343143fd8f. Corolla
    w9n6b, Traffic at Monterey Shores Shopping Center is a threat to pedestrian and bike safety on the greenway., barrier, 36.335397186216, -75.81639289856z2f25. Corolla
    w9n6b, Need Corolla Fire District with professional fire fighters., idea, 36.351399748384, -75.815620422363ffz2h. Corolla
    w9n6b, Large Homes and High Density contribute to over-development., barrier, 36.32816935396, -75.814247131348jme2v. Corolla
    w9n6b, The bridge will be a barrier to the economy of the OBX., barrier, 36.340891618677, -75.873985290527b1yw7. Corolla
    w9n6b, Encourage organic farming for local consumption and farm-to-table restaurants., insight, 36.163539427649, -75.867290496826rfuch. Corolla
    w9n6b, Beach Nourishment Study needed., insight, 36.325403369311, -75.808067321777wuk74. Corolla
    w9n6b, Tone-down constant push for more tourism. Needs to be moderated appropriately., insight, 36.381257215748, -75.827293395996t21nn. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Infrastructure should precede development. Detailed study needed to determine best way to develop Off -road., insight, 36.524303128355, -75.866432189941u13fl. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Houses are too large for lots. detrimental to the character of the area., barrier, 36.447013772026, -75.843772888184ugv80. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Install round about for tourists who drive to the end of the road to turn around and not get their cars stuck and block the entrance., idea, 36.390654417436, -75.832099914551et4pm. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Second entrance to off-road area and beach., idea, 36.495604654622, -75.860939025879uui89. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Issue Permit System, restrict number of vehicles allowed on the beach., idea, 36.395076236996, -75.8286666870125r27y. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Sheriff Substation., idea, 36.515473962074, -75.870552062988sz6l8. Corolla
    w9n6brtg37. Corolla
    w9n6boo6iq. Corolla
    w9n6b, marker, 36.520992309065, -76.3752365112369pvd. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Need parking area for day-trippers to beach. , idea, 36.481803524334, -75.860939025879i7wh8. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Permit system for driving on beach, idea, 36.496156648688, -75.86368560791pvy1r. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, commercial vacation/event houses, barrier, 36.520782144855, -75.869736671448yi00t. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Permit system for beach driving, idea, 36.398014621519, -75.830812454224vn89r. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Limit number of new building permits and size of houses., insight, 36.445909079805, -75.84789276123jnlnv. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Permit for Beach Driving, idea, 36.450880070925, -75.85063934326291a2x. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Serious problems with horse tours., barrier, 36.508299522657, -75.868492126465y821l. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, No commercial zoning in off-road area., insight, 36.494065087884, -75.862140655518i68zb. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Need for public bathrooms., insight, 36.391207158636, -75.8320999145517m6g9. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Limit beach driving., idea, 36.414418739907, -75.836906433105y5p1u. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Hovercraft Ferry, idea, 36.347092105207, -75.844974517822ympeq. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Buy Duck and Southern Shores., idea, 36.229639852788, -75.779228210449m1d26. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Need day-pass system to limit traffic on beach., idea, 36.392312629247, -75.832099914551l6ezs. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Beach driving permits for visitors., idea, 36.455850743505, -75.856819152832tuqvm. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Need drainage improvements to roads, but no pavement. , insight, 36.4348612925, -75.851325988777ytfz. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Septic and water/well infrastructure cannot support commercial development., barrier, 36.440385382761, -75.8458328247076a1tz. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Permit system for beach driving., idea, 36.390654417436, -75.82935333252ie7dv. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Control development in order to preserve unique character of this area., insight, 36.48511601985, -75.856132507324zis4o. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Permit System , insight, 36.450327754309, -75.851325988776chzq. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Infrastructure is inadequate to support development in this area., barrier, 36.525247203206, -75.871067047119q0q9o. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Keep this area and beach pristine. Our unique beach is a tremendous value to the County., insight, 36.461925577379, -75.859565734863gtl5q. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Build rest area/station for entering the beach., idea, 36.393454788425, -75.831842422485wnbul. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Lack of permit system is barrier to public safety., barrier, 36.400443400688, -75.830554962158haw5g. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, negotiate with manufacturing and/or large retail operations to grow jobs on Mainland., idea, 36.468552126113, -76.1143112182625caa5. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Permit system would lessen traffic from day-trippers who dont spend much money in Currituck., insight, 36.379045944419, -75.826606750488uugy9. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Mid-Currituck bridge will tear apart the fabric of the OBX. Widening NC 12 in Duck is a better idea., barrier, 36.346422390027, -75.8410263061523w4bj. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, set realistic parameters to limit development and preserve our unique ocean front for generations, idea, 36.474073817392, -75.8588790893555icz9. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Preserve natural resources and unique identity of 4×4 area, but also promote as tourist attraction with , insight, 36.410550624537, -75.836219787598rd4ss. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, lack of infrastructure: public water, emergency vehicle access, etc., barrier, 36.42613847136, -75.840167999268o15jt. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Limit size of houses, idea, 36.444804371854, -75.845832824707mp642. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, No commercial development, idea, 36.419944284864, -75.83759307861336ob9. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Permit system for beach access, idea, 36.398392436597, -75.832099914551zvg3s. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Further limit horse tours to minimize traffic , insight, 36.496708638819, -75.873985290527r32at. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Require permit for beach driving, idea, 36.414418739907, -75.837593078613b5cjo. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, More diligent policing of the beach and trash collection at the end of each day, insight, 36.438728196969, -75.8396530151371kpce. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Beach driving permit system, idea, 36.403919121499, -75.82935333252oxg3g. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Limit traffic on beach, insight, 36.419944284864, -75.832786560059so766. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Need drainage ditches to alleviate flooding, insight, 36.424364437778, -75.840339660645bxomb. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Permit system for beach driving and air down ordinance, idea, 36.390101672305, -75.830726623535gmwbs. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Improve road conditions of Hwy 158 and NC 12 to accommodate seasonal increase in traffic, insight, 36.358035731215, -75.963935852051umfud. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Widen NC 12, idea, 36.251238415578, -75.784034729004nvkyo. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, This bridge is a barrier. No Bridge!, barrier, 36.340891618677, -75.863685607914vt4v. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Permit for beach driving, idea, 36.406682316553, -75.830726623535hb0w7. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, build drainage ditches, idea, 36.424916939201, -75.84308624267692fpb. Corolla
    w9n6b, Continue to preserve this open land., insight, 36.276269183249, -75.800342559814o32gn. Corolla
    w9n6b, Need stronger Sheriffs presence, improved trash disposal, and expanded sewer stystem, idea, 36.37631847922, -75.825490951538vmsuz. Corolla
    w9n6b, Overdevelopment occurring. Will change the identity of the beach., barrier, 36.366882828294, -75.824546813965y2mcw. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, designated area for day-trippers and fishermen. Allow residents to drive through closer to dunes. Scrape the travel lanes daily, idea, 36.44977543376, -75.846519470215b4ffn. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Beach driving is barrier to safety, barrier, 36.436518560865, -75.84171295166uyz9u. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Charge and environmental fee to horse tour companies that is earmarked for environmental conservation of the habitat in this area, idea, 36.449223109278, -75.847206115723oyato. Moyock
    w9n6bn588g. Moyock
    w9n6b9txiy. Moyock
    w9n6b, Why not have a ferry to Corolla also? It would cut down on the long drive. , marker, 36.449396288406, -76.016292572021ana0a. Corolla
    w9n6b, MC Bridge should be a key project for Currituck County and the State of NC. With many new units being built, it is a must for safe evacuations and economic growth, which will increase tax revenue., idea, 36.353234492223, -75.8261775970469vtqz. Grandy
    w9n6bpj1xp. Poplar Branch
    w9n6bcrdcl. Corolla
    w9n6byvzsj. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[]}xyq8t. Harbinger
    w9n6b6y8yt. Harbinger
    w9n6b, Citizens should be allowed to bring their pets to this park! Just like at the beach, clean up as responsible users and have freedom, be allowed to use the space in a way the taxpayer supports–we want to bring our pets for walks, to run/play. Please CHANGE this., idea, 36.092996540724, -75.80180168151930sj. Corolla
    w9n6b3otel. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"We need a bridge for both safety and convenience!","type":"marker","lat":36.34850496930405,"lng":-75.84694862365723},{"text":"Limit development in Corolla Village! It is quaint and charming! Big event houses and other business development will ruin this!","type":"marker","lat":36.377534296978666,"lng":-75.82789421081543}]}oe9us. Moyock
    w9n6b, Very concerned about the impact on storm water run-off, sewage management and drinking water quality this proposed development will create. Many nearby homes rely on well water and may be impacted., insight, 36.53945808918, -76.224431991577pqpvz. Moyock
    w9n6b, Barrier: Subject to severe flooding following even a minor storm., marker, 36.497671377815, -76.1359834671023ang1. Grandy
    w9n6bx77sr. Grandy
    w9n6bpi1xo. Corolla
    w9n6b, The bridge needs to be built as soon as possibl. Obx is no longer enjoyable because of the traffic both getting there, as well as throughout the week. We no longer leave our house to support businsses, insight, 36.447246791032, -76.009930372238ph0ey. Moyock
    w9n6bn5y1e. Corolla
    w9n6b, lets get going!, marker, 36.353525398215, -75.826091766357h946m. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b48m3a. Corolla
    w9n6b, Understand a lot of false assumptions were made during the original proposal for the new bridge in terms of the actual cost. Do not in any way, shape or form want this bridge to be built. Govt monies can be spent on much better community projects., marker, 36.347295178994, -75.874693393707p6jyn. Barco
    w9n6b, unsafe to pedestrian traffic, barrier, 36.38658301174, -75.9855952268123r7sj. Grandy
    w9n6b, marker, 36.249829268004, -75.878737449821g9176. Grandy
    w9n6bgf65i. Off-Road Area
    w9n6bsh4vd. Grandy
    w9n6b, No solar panels!!! What about a nice development with a park and pool/club house? , idea, 36.234304470709, -75.877815485001nw3u7. Corolla
    w9n6b6cngz. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b5r6w9. Off-Road Area
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Bridge is needed…ntraffic, evacuation and to relieve the southern communities pass through","type":"insight","lat":36.323743731394906,"lng":-75.93990325927733},{"text":"permits with fees to limit traffic and increase revenue to maintain and protect our beaches. ","type":"idea","lat":36.395763885064646,"lng":-75.82922458648682}]}5djg4. Off-Road Area
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Permit and fees to wild horse tours to generate revenue for the purpose of protecting our beaches. Restrict tours to certain hours and type of vehicles to protect our beaches","type":"marker","lat":36.502780270575784,"lng":-75.8609390258789}]}s59xd. Off-Road Area
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Alternate exit through Virginia for home owners.","type":"idea","lat":36.550683310762274,"lng":-75.8726978302002}]}4dc12. Moyock
    w9n6bgpmzm. Off-Road Area
    w9n6bex5hd. Moyock
    w9n6b1qe6t. Corolla
    w9n6bw94i6. Corolla
    w9n6bl68tx. Corolla
    w9n6b, I think this is needed for residents of Corolla! I understand from Dare Co. officials, Corolla residents will not be evacuated during hurricane until after Dare Co. residents are out. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!, marker, 36.335230813163, -75.890808105469gi94m. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[]}4ewrk. Moyock
    w9n6bgtxgq. Corolla
    w9n6btmqw6. Corolla
    w9n6b197mq. Aydlett
    w9n6b, marker, 36.342358769303, -75.91090846654gy8xy. Off-Road Area
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"The heavy beach traffic and beach parking onto the 4 wheel drive area needs to be contained. It is currently unsafe and it gets worse each year. Perhaps a fee for daily or weekly entry (much higher for dailey than for weekly) or an annual fee for residents would help control the beach traffic as well as provide financing for road care, etc. in this area","type":"idea","lat":36.38884934458041,"lng":-75.83216428756714},{"text":"Horse tours are too many. In one drive up the beach I counted at least 8 on the beach, no telling how many on the back roads. Suggest major limit on such tours. Corolla Wild Horse ok, as these benefit horses. All for profit should be greatly limited or highly taxed so that a portion of their ticket cost also goes to benefit the well being of the horses. It is the horses that draw people to the area . Need strict enforcement of the 50 yard rule. Need more signage and hiring of staff to enforce the rule.","type":"idea","lat":36.49045539545387,"lng":-75.85673332214355},{"text":"Provide off beach parking and good size rental wagons for daily beach goers to go transport their cabanas, umbrellas, the beach – no need to drive their cars onto the beach. Would eliminate parking lot on the beach. Renters or Owners from the back streets could drive their vehicles to the beach, would have permit to do so (perhaps world have paid a fee to drive on the beach)","type":"idea","lat":36.4094713169056,"lng":-75.86141109466553}]}rfrit. Corolla
    w9n6b2nqrp. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"We absolutely need to have this bridge built as quickly as possible. Traffic has gotten much worse these past 10 years and has hurt our tourism economy. Tourists may avoid Corolla because of the traffic and opt to stay in Dare County. ","type":"insight","lat":36.35239237359266,"lng":-75.82553386688232}]}unlna. Corolla
    w9n6byltox. Off-Road Area
    w9n6bxomdf. Corolla
    w9n6b87q4f. Knott’s Island
    w9n6b, No more huge houses, houses over 10 bedroom in 4 wheel drive area, marker, 36.493200329496, -75.860080718994qheoy. Knott’s Island
    w9n6b, No more subdivisions on Knotts Island. , marker, 36.523555102427, -75.919818878174myurj. Corolla
    w9n6bw7rrg. Corolla
    w9n6b, marker, 36.322667541043, -75.934163331985i3xml. Jarvisburg
    w9n6by8ei5. Currituck
    w9n6b8nplf. Currituck
    w9n6by7v3o. Moyock
    w9n6bw7uik. Off-Road Area
    w9n6biossc. Corolla
    w9n6by9kc. Jarvisburg
    w9n6bbp9um. Corolla
    w9n6bloci9. Harbinger
    w9n6btwyxl. Moyock
    w9n6bi72x6. Currituck
    w9n6bl0es7. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, leave all off road as is. no mega development. but, fix roads so they are passable when flooded. that is fix the drainage system. off road receives no benefit from taxes; therefore , is entitled to drainage maintenance!
    as to the rest of currituck county, do not forget the history and the environment. it is unique and has no desire to become like other areas in the country. do not copy cat!, idea, 36.485629271456, -75.857811570168tsnsf. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, Need this bridge. You dont realize the need until you are driving on a Saturday in the summer., marker, 36.355310553387, -75.825137329521td5au. Corolla
    w9n6b, Once construction on this bridge has been approved, consideration should be made for adding tolls to all other bridge access points to the Outer Banks. This could lower the toll rate for this bridge, and balance out the traffic at all the bridges so people arent encourages to skip the tolled bridge to use the non-tolled ones. , idea, 36.354081643544, -75.825456082821k77as. Moyock
    w9n6bg8hri. Moyock
    w9n6bko300. Corolla
    w9n6b, There should be an inexpensive transit system from Corolla to Norfolk, that allows for efficient and faster transportation between these two critical points. , marker, 36.381725374863, -75.835249901866cyclj. Corolla
    w9n6b, Boat launch very shallow, needs small channel for boats to come into shore., idea, 36.369434605546, -75.830473154783kqfhm. Corolla
    w9n6b, Water Taxi Service, to points South such as Timbuck II and north to Corova. Reduces road traffic and provides an attraction. Water taxis provide a valuable yet cost effective service in small port areas such as Annapolis and Baltimore Harbor. Service to attractions such as Horse tours based in Carova rather than Corolla would reduce traffic on the 4×4 beach., idea, 36.368207387747, -75.834589004517yspx8. Currituck
    w9n6brq8tu. Grandy
    w9n6b7elj7. Grandy
    w9n6b, Trees were slaughtered here. Obscene remains. Wildlife fled for cover elsewhere. Control Cutting!!, marker, 36.228168579766, -75.86853504180966lrc. Grandy
    w9n6b, YEA!! Do it now!!, marker, 36.323475765709, -75.939817428589269vy. Grandy
    w9n6b, Do Not Allow solar FARM here or anywhere else in Currituck. Ugly eyesores, dangerous and false savings!!!, marker, 36.236130432734, -75.877203941345x9t8k. Corolla
    w9n6buidz0. Corolla
    w9n6b, I hope this bridge gets built, insight, 36.352705907944, -75.825755295809h1wor. Corolla
    w9n6b, Dislike the idea of a bridge here. We chose Corolla because it is quieter than the cities to the south. , marker, 36.353393626895, -75.826613456011kmpnu. Corolla
    w9n6bzlzrz. Currituck
    w9n6bvsqzi. Corolla
    w9n6bdi72j. Corolla
    w9n6b, This bridge would alleviate severe traffic issues and allow for quick evacuation – which would be impossible today., marker, 36.349693137919, -75.84476530551922arf. Corolla
    w9n6b8a3ja. Corolla
    w9n6b8ar0x. Corolla
    w9n6b5codw. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Need the bridge to alleviate traffic going through Duck.nTook 1.5 hours on Saturday AM getting from Walmart to Duck.","type":"idea","lat":36.352587008949015,"lng":-75.8250617980957}]}wpwbg. Corolla
    w9n6b6tpne. Grandy
    w9n6blvc78. Off-Road Area
    w9n6bczuht. Currituck
    w9n6b3r33d. Moyock
    w9n6bkz98k. Corolla
    w9n6btcz9n. Off-Road Area
    w9n6boy16s. Off-Road Area
    w9n6b, too much development and off road traffic limit traffic to owners renters and tours, marker, 36.527807498221, -75.865565299464i4kxw. Powell’s Point
    w9n6bdjic1. Corolla
    w9n6bgeq8c. Knott’s Island
    w9n6bpksty. Moyock
    w9n6bw7s8t. Corolla
    w9n6b43n5q. Corolla
    w9n6bfrx6. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Absolutely need to build that mid-county bridge!","type":"marker","lat":36.32296576395453,"lng":-75.9391736984253}]}thw59. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Please dredge the access to the ramp and docks at the Heritage Boat Ramp – it is in horrible shape and I could not get my boat off the trailer. I wanted to go over to Knotts Island but couldnt move the boat","type":"marker","lat":36.372143954954545,"lng":-75.8320140838623}]}retu4. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"You need to add a pull off area for trucks and Jeeps to air up and down at the entrance to the 4×4 area as there is no appropriate spot now","type":"marker","lat":36.39453215948844,"lng":-75.83012580871582}]}71v8v. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Please expand school in terms of size and up to grade 12","type":"marker","lat":36.37850175472512,"lng":-75.8316707611084}]}8cgq8. Corolla
    w9n6b41vbo. Poplar Branch
    w9n6bsa3vx. Corolla
    w9n6be4rzm. Corolla
    w9n6bckq2e. Corolla
    w9n6b, 981 North Harbor View is our property, plus lot immediately to the south, marker, 36.350906059627, -75.822229385376y92rm. Moyock
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[]}hgxc5. Corolla
    w9n6b7zu0j. Off-Road Area
    w9n6bbh96v. Off-Road Area
    w9n6baun71. Corolla
    w9n6b, The undeveloped beach and the wild horses are a treasure and should be protected at all costs. The amount of traffic to this area and development should be monitored and regulated. The people in this community value the natural setting and dont want to see this beach paved and further developed for commercial interests.
    , insight, 36.389309253485, -75.8297824859625au3d. Moyock
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"Isnt there a new neighborhood here?n","type":"marker","lat":36.502156096014964,"lng":-76.16138935089111},{"text":"The developer widened the road with a turn lane, which is great, but they did such a poor job with the repaving that Survey Road now rides like a roller coaster. Maybe push back on the developer to fix?","type":"idea","lat":36.502156096014964,"lng":-76.15924358367919},{"text":"Ive been hearing about this bridge since I moved here over a decade ago. Is this a realistic expectation?","type":"marker","lat":36.33741308081126,"lng":-75.88891983032227},{"text":"If the waterpark already exists, should it show up as proposed on the map?","type":"marker","lat":36.10980719360819,"lng":-75.83493232727051},{"text":"With the population growth of Moyock, any thought on a new high school or rec center at the north end of the county?","type":"idea","lat":36.51365885725366,"lng":-76.13542556762695}]}gp7mr. Point Harbor
    w9n6bknet4. Coinjock
    w9n6bv5h6v. Grandy
    w9n6bdzzzj. Grandy
    w9n6bhi682. Off-Road Area
    w9n6bd6qdc. Off-Road Area
    w9n6bgszl7. Corolla
    w9n6b, Audubon North Carolinas Pine Island Sanctuary, marker, 36.261749979331, -75.789656639099tj39d. Corolla
    w9n6b, This bridge is needed to alleviate traffic onto the outer banks and through the towns of southern shores and duck, insight, 36.339902087691, -75.875873565674ldprl. Corolla
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"It is time to revisit the effort to permit the dredging necessary to restore the historical channel from deeper Currituck Sound water to the dredged lagoon at the Whalehead Club to reliably enable small boat traffic/access the countys Heritage Park, the Corolla Beach Lighthouse, the Wildlife Commissions Education Center, the countys beach access, etc. I would be glad to be involved with the effort. The environmental impact should be demonstrably minor and insignificant. There should be no justifiable reason that state and federal agencies should deny the required permits. [Richard Yates ]","type":"idea","lat":36.369907544412534,"lng":-75.83325862884521}]}tvgpv. Aydlett
    w9n6bivs1q. Corolla
    w9n6b16bmt. Corolla
    w9n6bxgn4l. Corolla
    w9n6bv99nz. Moyock
    {"key":"w9n6b","markers":[{"text":"","type":"marker","lat":36.462014969349425,"lng":-76.12062836007681},{"text":"The bypass needs to extend down to the proposed beginning of the mid-county bridge. To dump all that traffic onto a 2 lane highway is crazy. And then have it meet up with the 4 lane right before school zones? There needs to be a way to come further down either just north or just south of coinjockn","type":"marker","lat":36.39085169344879,"lng":-76.05527340638218}]}z5wx1. Aydlett
    w9n6bx5oly. Off-Road Area
    rditd. Off-Road Area
    8hted. Moyock
    ilogc. Currituck
    y5vud. Moyock
    6nyx5. Corolla
    ni1vb. Corolla
    r01zs. Off-Road Area
    j9ksy. Corolla
    1re5g. Maple
    f4yx8. Corolla
    5ivfk. Corolla
    Corollam5m9o. Corolla
    bm6b. Moyock
    crbcn. Corolla
    Whalheadbf411. Grandy
    Walnut Islandw586j. Corolla
    barriersz787l. Currituck
    54rlf. Jarvisburg
    5y0if. Corolla
    24x6h. Off-Road Area
    yt9o3. Corolla
    Corollag5g02. Off-Road Area
    Corolla3x8sd. Currituck
    ed643. Corolla
    8l5q3. Moyock
    5o0or. Moyock
    tt6sq. Moyock
    v8d83. Moyock
    qja48. Corolla
    aaesj. Moyock
    b0gtz. Corolla
    Swan Beachuhzw7. Corolla
    l5esk. Corolla
    pet7o. Off-Road Area
    pvult. Moyock
    lrmiw. Currituck
    d4x7b. Corolla
    857 oakridge ct54f4y. Corolla
    yyhot. Moyock
    l0r0i. Moyock
    rp868. Corolla
    sjtxb. Off-Road Area
    e35jp. Corolla
    f2sud. Moyock
    u6z3e. Corolla
    10nem. Corolla
    cruz bayx43g5. Corolla
    jmtjy. Corolla
    Lifeguard Headquartersyuqkq. Moyock
    testmbu37. Off-Road Area
    aggno. Off-Road Area
    I don’t see an interactive map- cannot useqadbb. Currituck
    8fky0. Moyock
    re4hs. Aydlett
    peg8e. Currituck
    l47gt. Corolla
    corollavedzb. Moyock
    9tgej. Grandy
    testky25s. Corolla
    sipz1. Corolla
    h0eup. Powell’s Point
    j4jmc. Aydlett
    uly9g. Moyock
    l3tox. Moyock
    r8wkd. Corolla
    zv9fq. Moyock
    zn05n. Corolla
    1ifqq. Corolla
    1uzpr. Corolla
    toszy. Currituck
    chxj2. Corolla
    wgsgs. Corolla
    corollak9ck7. Powell’s Point
    1j6z0. Corolla
    7opra. Corolla
    b9wxq. Shawboro
    ibgi6. Jarvisburg
    eyl3j. Maple
    dqjc9. Coinjock
    sw1eo. Corolla
    9j9dr. Moyock
    o3495. Corolla
    5cn86. Corolla